Most Used Passwords

SplashData has released it’s list of the most used passwords for 2013. SplashData reviewed posted files from compromised web sites with millions of stolen passwords. The largest posting of user information last year came from the Adobe breech where at least 38 million user accounts were posted to in … Continue reading

Affinity Gaming

Affinity Gaming reported a security breech that exposed credit and debit card information for patrons of 11 casinos around the country. Affinity Gaming manages casinos in Iowa, Missouri, Nevada and Colorado. A spokesman for Affinity says that fewer than 300,000 people were effected by the security breech. Malware was found … Continue reading

Yahoo’s Ad Service Malware

Yahoo’s ad server was sending Internet uses to malware sites from Dec. 30th thru Jan. 4th. ProctACT estimated that about 27,000 computers per hour had malware downloaded from these sites. The Magnitude exploit kit was being downloaded by IP address This address is now offline. The Magnitude kit includes … Continue reading

Cupid Media

Cupid Media runs 38 dating sites with over 30 million users worldwide. Cupid had their user account data compromised earlier this year. The file with over 42 million records was found on a underground web site. This file included names, email addresses, encrypted passwords and birthdays. Another day another discovery … Continue reading