Life time Backup

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Lifetime Backup $50

Yes you can afford backup for your computers, phone and tablets
But you need to act soon. The offer expires on September 26th.


Stack social is offering lifetime backup for your personal computing devices for a one time fee of $50.  This cross platform solution will save up to 1 Tera byte of data on the Skyhub cloud backup service not for a year but the rest of your life.  Skyhub allows you to backup up to four computers with their software.   If you have a network attached disk storage system you can backup information to your Skyhub account.  If you are using any flash drives or other external hard drives they can also be stored out on the Skyhub backup service.

So the next time you jump in the pool with your phone in your pocket you pictures will be recovered from the servers at the Skyhub. No more lost memories from that precious device in your pocket or purse.

The lastest survey done by Harris Interactive, one of the largest market research and consulting firms in the world, shows that backup is still not used by up to 25% of computer users. Check out the charts at the top of this page. This information was provided by BackBlaze another online backup provider. BackBlaze personal backup is available for $5/month.

You have a computer, tablet or phone because you can no longer keep all of your information in your head.  Don’t loose this because you would not spend $50 for the next 30 years you need to keep this information handy.

Security Features from Skyhub:

  • Your files are encrypted before leaving your machine using 256-AES. You may specify your own encryption password. This method is considered among the top ciphers available today.
  • The website and client software have been hardened against attacks from hackers.
  • You can have a local copy of all of your files on a local external hard drive by enabling Hybrid+ from the Settings page inside the desktop software.
  • No one at Skyhub has your password to unlock your encrypted files.  You need to securely save this information using LastPass or another password manger.