Cyberoam Firewall

Management for your Internet ConnectionCyberoam Sophos

Do you really want unrestricted access to the Internet from your office computers?

A Cyberoam Next Generation Firewall can:

  • Control not just what web sites that can be accessed, but also which programs can communicate with outside web based services.
  • See who is using resources on the Internet by each individual user name.
  • Provide Centralized management of multiple offices through the cloud.
  • Provide a threat free VPN for all of your mobile devices when used outside the office.
  • Intrusion Prevention System to automatically detect and block intrusions.
  • Scans web traffic for viruses and malware
  • Web application gateway services to protect your public web resources.
  • Single Internet connection to manage VoIP and network traffic.
  • Lock down your industrial control systems to keep out unwanted access. Don’t let your company be a “Target”.
  • Yes, this can run in a VMware™ virtual environment

Cyberoam Cr500iNG