Affordable Cyber Security in Phoenix

Cyber security for your office, email and remote working locations does not have be complex or expensive. In the Phoenix metro area Altura IT can secure your workplace at your office and home or remote locations. Everything is monitored from an operations center 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Giving you complete peace of mind.

In your office

You Windows and Macintosh systems will have effective end point protection. Every machines log files are analyzed with artificial intelligence. White listed programs keep users working with known approved software. Black listed programs prevent malicious or unauthorized software from running on any of the business machines. Just what you need to stop some employee from using Tor to mask their online activity or gambling online while on company time.

Office 365 monitoring

Microsoft has a superior product to manage your email messages. We provided the security necessary to protect you from threats inside and outside of your organization. According to the FBI business email compromise

“is one of the most financially damaging online crimes.”

We watch what is happening in your email activity by:

  • Monitoring your email administrative changes to all accounts
  • monitors logins from geographic locations, detects logins or login attempts from unusual physical locations.
  • prevents data hijacking by monitoring email forwarding rules
  • detects failed logon attempts to mailboxes, online file locations, calendars or contact lists
  • tracks brute force or dictionary logon attempts to Office 365 and OneDrive
  • Tracks changes to multi factor authentication for all accounts
  • Tracks failed logon attempts to all accounts
  • detects abnormal mass file downloads
  • detects data hijacking by monitoring email forwarding rules

Phishing protection

Uniquely effective phishing protection

using artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision techniques to identify fake websites.

From the 2023 FBI IC3 Internet Crime Report 3 billion was lost to email fraud.

“AI-generated “phishing” e-mails that aim to trick people into handing over passwords and other sensitive data have already been shown to be more effective than ones generated by humans.” — MIT Technology Review, Emerging Cyber threats to worry about

Get better insight to suspicious messages with warning banners, brand forgery detection, domain spoofing prevention and social media network mapping. Warning banners in a message educate your users to help them see what this week’s scam messages are crafted. These messages appear on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. Brand forgery emails look like the messages from brands you know, ie. your bank, your credit card company or major shipping company. Visually they look just like a real message. Our detection reveals the true source and marks the message to keep your employees safe. Domain spoofing fakes an email domain name in a message. Our software detects forgery in email messages. Developing a social map of normal communications for each user helps identify messages from a rouge source.