Email Authenication

In the realm of email authentication, ensuring the integrity and security of your communication channels is paramount. Enter our comprehensive service dedicated to setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records with precision and expertise.
DNS listing for a domain that shows SPF record
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Your intellectual property

Identifying and tracking the information that is critical to your business success. Setup logging of who accesses this critical information. Maintaining the correct access rights for each user in your network. Encryption of the information at rest to prevent any unauthorized access to your sensitive information.
graphic of man holding a light bulb in his hand in front of a wooden desk with a open book and a globe
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Data Backups

The last line of defense for your protection.  All of your documents, pictures, email, customer contacts and accounting information are necessary to run your business.  This should be saved at multiple places to prevent the possibility of an loss.  Twenty-two percent of business that lose significant data are out of business in one year.
an APC batter backup with the front cover missing
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Spyware & Malware Removal

This is the most common cause of a slow computer.  The other cause is just age.  A windows machine slows down over time, one to two years.  We can make it faster with a total rebuild.  The business question becomes is it the best investment for your business.  A clean environment is a great places to start. We can help you get there and maintain a healthy environment.
IC cubed logo for reporting cyber crime to the FBI
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