Wi-Fi Krack exploit

What to do about Krack?

How does the it Krack Wi-Fi problem discovered October of 2017 effect you? Hi, my name is Bruce Holland with Altura IT. New problems were announced with all devices that use Wi-Fi communications for business people. This means there are 10 new ways someone can eavesdrop on your Wi-Fi network. Every Wi-Fi devices affected your phone, your tablet, your Wi-Fi connected computer, all vulnerable. Most businesses in this Scottsdale air park use Wi-Fi. About 30% of Scottsdale airport businesses have not corrected the Wi-Fi vulnerability from six years ago. It’s called Wi-Fi protected setup. I have a link below to the current map of the weak Wi-Fi access points in the air park security industry professionals bleed. It’ll take at least a decade to fix this latest problem. What action should you take now to protect your intellectual property? One, apply the October security updates to all Microsoft windows devices. Two, apply iOS update 11.1 for all apple wireless devices. Three, apply the November six 2017 security update from Google for android devices. You will need to contact each android vendor to see when this security update is available for your device. Four, update all Wi-Fi access points with patches for the Krack problem. This should protect even unpatched devices like your wireless security cameras. The fifth thing you should do is scan your networks. You need a list of all your Wi-Fi devices. This inventory is a list of what you have left to patch. If you need help monitoring your security for your computers on your network, we have simple, inexpensive solutions for your network security. Just call us at (480) 822-7222 or you can use the link below for a free security assessment. Thanks for your time.