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Viper Business Premium Anti-Virus

End Point Security

The new buzz word for how to protect your PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone.

Protecting the entry point at the firewall, with a Cyberoam UTM, is a good first line of defense but viruses come from USB hard drives also. Stop problems without breaking the bank.

We recommend Viper Business Premium for computer monitoring and an anti-virus solution. Alerts are sent to you and Altura IT when abnormal conditions exist.

Combining a small-footprint antivirus with integrated patch management and Mobile Device Management (MDM), VIPRE Business Premium helps you take charge of your endpoint security. This premier business antivirus protection addresses the #1 threat businesses of all sizes face today – unpatched software – and the biggest disruption to the enterprise IT landscape in more than a decade: the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace.

VIPRE Business Premium provides:

  • Anti-virus for PCs and Macs
    • VIPRE Business is optimized to scan for threats quickly, protecting against viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, bots and other malware without draining resources or slowing down machines.
  • Integrated patch management
    • The number one cause of malware infections and attacks is out-of-date software. Eliminate this threat with VIPRE, which auto-patches Java, Adobe and other popular non-Windows software.
  • Mobile Device Management
    • With BYOD the new norm, it’s critical to secure smartphones and tablets that access your network. VIPRE enables admins to centrally manage Android antivirus as well as mobile security for iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
  • Email security
    • VIPRE Business protects against malicious email, keeping your users’ in-boxes safe from email viruses with direct support for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and any program that uses POP3 or SMTP.
  • Anti-phishing
    • Worried about users clicking on phishing links? With VIPRE Business, you don’t have to be. It automatically strips phishing links from emails before they can reach your users’ in-boxes.
  • Malicious Site Blocking
    • VIPRE protects your network from over 600,000 bad URLS by blocking traffic to malicious websites and stopping your users from browsing to these sites and inadvertently compromising their PCs.
  • Removal of your current anti-virus solution
    • You don’t have to manually remove your existing antivirus from every machine. VIPRE does it for you. This ensures an environment free of other antivirus agents and eliminates conflicts during installation.

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